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Oosight Imaging System Article ( Unique Live Spindle Check for oocyte during ICSI)
شنبه 1391/5/14


A new clinical non invasive method for live detection of mature M II Oocyte including Meiotic Spindle, ZP & Polar Body during ICSI to reduce ART failure



Iman Rezaei (1)



Scientific Dept manager of Iran Panam Co. No 12, 3rd Floors, Bldg. 108, Karimkhan Zand St, Tehran, Iran. Science@iran-panam.com



    Now days, it is too significant to have a live check for cell & molecular condition of M II Oocyte during Intra Cytoplasm Sperm Injection (ICSI).

The visualizing of Meiotic Spindle to check the viability, polarity, size and situation of it, is valuable to select the mature oocyte for ICSI. In addition, place of Meiotic Spindle would be located at 12 or 6 o’clock. It is critical for oocyte and embryo to avoid any chromosomal abnormalities during ICSI in Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART).

We are presenting the clinical use of the unique Cri Oosight Imaging System to visualize the Meiotic Spindle during ICSI & Nuclear Transfer.


Material & methods:

The Inverted Microscope with warm stage and RI Integra Ti Micromanipulator, Saturn Active Laser system with Cri Oosight Imaging System, including digital camera, LC Compensator, Cri Filter, Oosight Imaging Meta Software.

Oocyte were collected and checked & transfer to the glass dishes which were pre warmed in Incubators, and then locate on Inverted Microscope equipped by Cri Oosight Imaging System.

First, turn on the PC, locate the Cri Filter and LC Compensator and make sure the digital camera is on then do double click on software & observe the oocytes in Live image mode, adjust the brightness & then click on Blinking Oosight and finally click on Live Oosight mode & explore the Meiotic Spindle condition. Choose the right position for injection.



The chance of fertility will increase up to 20% and the chance of embryo development will improve up to 23% & in opposite the chance of genetic abnormalities will reduce.



It is a useful in use clinical system to make embryologist able to select a mature healthy oocytes for ICSI and prevent chance of genetic abnormalities and developmental failures.



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