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Saturn 5 Active, The latest in laser Hatching & Embryo Biopsy
دوشنبه 1391/5/16

Saturn 5 Active™

The Saturn 5 Active™ directional laser has been designed specifically for easier, safer and quicker laser drilling in IVF. The unique moveable laser means that technical procedures are more accessible than ever before.

The Saturn 5™ Biopsy Mode helps you to significantly improve biopsying methods; potentially reducing procedure time, lowering the incidence of blastocyst collapse and eliminating the need to mechanically tear off cells.

Using Biopsy Mode, you can draw a straight or curved line along the sample, select the number and size of holes, then simply “fire”. The laser will ablate exactly along the chosen path, meaning you no longer need to move the holding pipette at all. It is that easy.

The Saturn 5™ Biopsy Mode is quickly proving to be an essential tool in the practice of biopsying across the world.

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