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Integra 3™, the Most Advanced Micromanipulation system in the World featuring the revolutionary Thermosafe ™ air heating system
چهارشنبه 1393/3/21

Integra 3™

Every detail of the Integra 3™ is geared towards one goal – to ensure you create the best possible conditions for ICSI and sample manipulation. One feature that makes this possible is our new and world-leading Thermosafe™ warm-air technology.

Put simply, this is an integral heating system that helps to keep samples at the optimum temperature. It emits warm air towards the Petri dish precisely and uniformly. The result of this is a fail-safe guarantee, with no more cold spots, no more hot spots and no more ambiguity. There is also a stage temperature health indicator light to reassure you that the integrated heated stage is functioning correctly.

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Integra 3™ Brochure

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