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 Iran Panam Co. will participate in exhibitions throughout 2014 as active as previous years.

 1- 16thAnnual Congress of Iranian Society of Pathology which will be held in Tehran Razi international Congress Hall  from Dec 10th  to Dec 12th , 2014.

 2- Royan15th  International Twins on Reproductive Biomedicine Congress which will be held in Tehran in Razi International Congress Hall from Sep 3rd   to Sep 5th , 2014.

Previous Years:

       1- 3rd International & 18th national congress of Iranian society for Reproductive Medicine, 18-20 April 2012, Tabriz-Iran.

        2- 5th International 10th National Congress on Quality Improvement in Clinical Laboratories. 23-26 April 2012. Iran- Tehran 

         3-10th Iranian Anatomical sciences Congress   10-12 May 2012, Rasht- Iran.

         4- 5th International Congress of Laboratory & Clinic from 15 to 18 January, 2013 in “Razi International Conference Center”- Tehran

         5- The first Announcement Annual congress on the advances in fertility and infertility Avicenna Research institute, 22-24 January 2013. Shahid Beheshti University - Tehran

        6- The 6th International & 11th National Congress on Quality Improvement in Clinical Laboratories, 20-23 April 2013, Iran-Tehran

         7- 4th International Congress On Infertility & Reproduction- 2013 - Tehran - Iran

         8- Congress on Novel & Innovative Laboratory Techniques - 2-4 Oct, 2013


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